Recruiting a new senior member or director into a small established team is a daunting prospect for even the most ambitious business. Fit, credibility, tact, a willingness to listen and learn, as well as creating an impact are just some of the qualities you are looking for; before even starting on the experience, qualifications and industry expertise you need.
We relish the challenge and have years of experience in finding those needles in a haystack that will resonate with your business. We will:
  • spend the time with you to fully understand your business and the role the new recruit will play in its success
  • compose and place an advert that will attract those like-minded individuals
  • screen and first interview all promising candidates
  • provide you with a credible shortlist (normally of 3) who, we are confident, will fit your bill
  • then help with all the formalities through to probation period assessment to ensure your candidate hits the ground running.
All for less than the fee a typical recruitment agency will charge for sending far too many vaguely related cvs then leaving you with all the real work.
Let's talk
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