I used Julie’s services to help resolve a succession issue in my business. As an owner manager I was in need of some additional support at Board level to help expand the business and to give me some flexibility. Julie quickly understood the business, its strengths and weaknesses and was able to interpret our many conversations in to a clear picture of the skills and type of person needed to strengthen the team. Given that the business is small, personality type was as important as skills and experience in the success of the candidate. Julie presented my Board with a worthy shortlist of 3 candidates, had I had the capacity I would have recruited 2 of them. I am pleased to say our new recruit has been with us now for almost a year and is continuing to add value to our business.
Julie’s skill at identifying our needs and finding the right fit far exceeded the service that a recruitment agency would provide, at a fraction of the cost. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Julie’s talents as an advisor to our board and would be happy to recommend her services to any owner managed business.
Extract of testimonial from Ivor Bramley, Owner, Smith Scientific
Julie! You know I think you are superb. Whatever you might say about yourself is only half what I think...
Seriously, I have the highest regard for your clear analytical approach to the most taxing of problems and situations, and your complete refusal to be confused or off put by whatever situation is presented to you.
I hope we can work together in future as it is always most enjoyable, even when taxing.
Extract of response for a request for a testimonial (!) Paul Housego, Senior Partner, Beers LLP
I worked with Julie for 5 years when I acted as an Executive Leadership Coach for their business services group. Julie lead leadership development within the group. Julie kept focused on delivery of real commercial gain for the business as well as personal growth and development for the leadership candidates. Julie was able to interpret needs of the various boards around the group in terms of profitable growth and skills development to deliver real added value from the projects.
Julie brought excellent relationship skills to her role, as well as the ability to hold people to account when required. She is motivational whilst at the same time challenging where appropriate. She has an excellent understanding of how business works, and appreciates the commercial realities of generating new income streams as well as ensuring the current business gets delivered. I would highly recommend her services to you.
Extract of testimonial from Bev Couzens, Owner, Executive Edge Coaching
I have worked with Julie for over 20 years, through many roles and stages of business development. She brings a blend of energy, passion, effective listening and empathy to each project I have worked with her on. I would happily recommend (and have!) Julie to any business looking for new focus or wishing to recruit a senior employee.
Extract of testimonial from Trevor Applin, Partner, Alwyns LLP
I worked with Julie for 10 years when we were both Directors of a business services Plc. Having been a practicing Chartered Accountant herself she was adept at understanding the commercial needs of the business as well as being able to easily communicate and build rapport with the senior executives in the teams. I worked with Julie on many sensitive and difficult executive level issues; Julie also worked with the various Boards in the Group helping them to keep to the business plan and improve accountability around the table.
Julie brought energy and empathy as well as pragmatic commercial solutions to all the projects I have worked with her on.
Extract of testimonial from Bob Thornton, Partner, WMT – Chartered Accountants
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